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Wellbeing Retreat

The 14th myalfazema edition

Let's make it a summer to always remember.

Dive into the Yoga & Wabi-Sabi Lifestyle

Imagine spending your summer holiday in a magical place, nestled in pure nature, and near the ocean, where everything is taken care of. Each day, we will guide you as you relax, unwind, learn, connect, ground yourself, laugh, enjoy nourishing food, and meet wonderful people from around the world. Sounds dreamy, right?  

Last time, 20 beautiful souls joined us and together we flourished. This Summer, we want to bring this transformative experience to you. Our intention is for you to unplug, tune into nature, feel empowered, rest, have fun, grow, and learn valuable well-being tools. In the end, you'll bring home a newfound peaceful harmony coming from a positive, serene approach to life, connecting with yourself, nature, and others. Just as wabi-sabi and yoga teach us.  

The program is centred on your restorative experience, while providing holistic activities which are dearly loved by our guests and curated to enhance your human experience on Earth. Through Filipa, you will learn about the ancient wisdom and practice of Yoga, while Leonor brings a unique lens, intertwining insights from Psychology with the philosophy of Wabi-Sabi. Above all, we will all learn from each other’s stories, adventures, and experiences. 

Escape the hustle and bustle of your busy daily life and let this retreat be your heavenly hideaway 🙂

13 - 17 August

Monte da Orada, Alentejo, Portugal

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The Story Behind the Creation of This Retreat

The inspiration for this retreat came from countless moments and conversations shared with our precious guests. While exploring their dreams and wishes, a common theme would always emerge: a desire for a calmer, more content life. Stress, affecting sleep, eating habits, and weakening immune systems, was a shared concern. They were seeking for a better way to navigate our amazing World.  

By some form of chance (or not), it's been a while since I began exploring Wabi-Sabi – the Japanese philosophy that offers a transformative shift in perspective from the modern world’s obsession with perfection, embracing imperfections as sources of wisdom and meaning. It encourages us to appreciate the blessings in our daily lives and celebrate things as they are, rather than longing for an idealized version of reality. It quickly became clear to me that this, together with Yoga and Psychology, may hold the key to these challenges.  

With all of this in mind, we embarked on an immersive process to curate this retreat. A retreat that not only brings you knowledge but also helps you be in the present moment, in tune with nature, to live an empowered, authentic life, and ultimately, transform your human experience on Earth.

A myalfazema day

These days are an invitation for you to embrace slow living and inner peace – while having fun along the way. Through daily yoga practices, masterclasses, guided meditations in natural settings, delicious food, and free time for you to enjoy the nature around you, go to the beach, read a book or simply take a long nap, you will learn the art of wabi-sabi and acquire new tools that will help you carry this authentic human experience when you return home.

Meet for a cup of tea
Yoga Practice
Masterclass • Self-practice
Free time
Yoga Practice • Dance • Hiking
Night Reflections • Meditation

Please note that this retreat is not a substitute for medical or psychological advice, evaluation, or treatment.

Who will guide you?

Filipa, Yoga Host

As a yoga teacher, Filipa has found a way to share her profound understanding and passion for Eastern philosophy, alongside her deeply personal exploration of movement, breath, mind, and spirit. Her numerous trips to Asia and South America have expanded her interest and knowledge of ancestral wisdom as a means for personal growth and liberation. In her classes, she offers insights on Buddhism, Taoism, and various other philosophies to complement the practice of Yoga.  

Filipa is a Certified Yoga Teacher by Indiv Yoga Switzerland, a yoga teacher training school that prioritizes the individual progression of each student. With 15 years of practice, she has been teaching Yoga classes for the past 8 years. Filipa warmly welcomes participants of all levels to her classes.  

Guests from previous retreats have wholeheartedly embraced her serenity, clear guidance, passion, and broad intellectual knowledge.


Leonor, Host

It's been a profound and fascinating journey to arrive here – from street knowledge to scientifically-based knowledge, and onward to ancient and inner wisdom. Learning from numerous teachers across diverse fields worldwide, each with a unique approach, Leonor delved into various subjects at 6 universities across multiple countries. Furthermore, she's traveled to over 50 countries, opening her mind, soul, and body to the diversity of the world, seeking to comprehend and navigate the vast universe we inhabit.

Leonor, the founder of myalfazema, is a passionate seeker of knowledge and inherently curious human being. Motivated by a strong passion for self-actualization and overall well-being, as well as the collective pursuit of a better society, Leonor applies her degree in psychology to curate this unique retreat. She uses a scientific reasoning approach combined with spiritual practice to explore ways to flourish and flow, so in the end, each of us uses our talents to contribute to a better world.

In recent years, Leonor has explored deeper into the scientific study of psychology at the University of Amsterdam, which holds the top Psychology program in Europe according to the World University Rankings by Times Higher Education (2020). Throughout her degree, she has gained insights from various fields and perspectives. As a passionate enthusiast of social constructivism and humanistic psychology approaches, she consistently immerses herself in questions like 'What is right with you?' and 'What is the meaning of life?'. These questions explore the role human beings play in their own lives on a global, non-personal, aiming to maximize human potential. Leonor is dedicated to unlocking the inherent potential of each human being. Ultimately, the journey unfolds, empowering each of us to use our talents for the greater good of society.

Leonor has developed diverse workshops and masterclasses where she will teach you about psychology and explore psychological research on happiness, well-being, wabi-sabi, yoga and the meaning of life together. This journey will be two-way, where your experiences will also contribute to her growth and development.

Happiness is not a fixed state but can be developed as we learn to flow in our lives. Happiness is certainly not a destination, and we need to change that idea for good to ensure the prosperity of humankind." - Leonor

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Chef Orada

Delightful Vegan Cuisine
Orada's cookbook is considered one of the best recipe books for retreat menus available today. With years of expertise, Orada's chefs have perfected a menu that offers a harmonious, flavorful, nourishing, and wholesome array of dishes.

In line with their conscious approach to food preparation, Orada cultivates a majority of their greens using organic methods. Additionally, their culinary practices draw inspiration from Ayurvedic principles, ensuring a harmonious balance for your body and mind.

Prepare yourself for soulful, vibrant, and delicious meals prepared with love by skilled chefs who present their creations with great care and affection.


monte orada, zambujeira do mar

A spiritual eco-retreat nestled in the heart of a nature sanctuary located on Portugal's Southwest Atlantic Coast, in Costa Vicentina. Legend has it that the water of the valley is sacred, and pilgrims still come to this place to worship and contemplate.  

Spread across 70 hectares of nearly untouched land and wildlife, and just 15 minutes away from some of Portugal’s most beautiful and untouched beaches, this authentic Portuguese countryside home offers the perfect getaway for those seeking tranquillity, connection, and transformation. While it goes above and beyond to provide every comfort imaginable for your stay, its true luxury lies in a home nestled within nature, bathed in sunlight, lots of green and vibrant life, immersed in profound silence, under an awe-inspiring night sky.  

During your retreat, you will have plenty of free time to explore all its jems – whether swimming in the refreshing biopool, unwinding in the sauna, embarking on scenic hikes, or dedicating moments to your meditation and yoga practice in one of the three shalas or at the nave terrace.  

Monte da Orada is the most renowned retreat center in Portugal — it is such a magical place that we had to secure it one year in advance, exclusively for you! 

Last year, our retreat group was impressed by the beauty, atmosphere, and food at Orada. We are so happy to welcome some of them again this year!

What is included?

  • 4 nights, all-inclusive, in Monte da Orada, a soul retreat center
  • Sauna & Pool & beautiful trekkings are available 24h – and a sky full of stars!
  • 3 daily ayurvedic plant-based meals by Orada Cookbook
  • Daily Yoga Asana Classes
  • Yoga equipment (mats, straps, blocks, bolsters, blankets etc)
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Guided Meditation
  • Night Reflections
  • Surprise Night – A Journey
  • 2 Masterclasses | Wabi-Sabi, Psychology, Yoga & Fun
  • Free-Soul Dance Session
  • Two staff members will be available 24 hours a day during the retreat to assist you with anything you may need.
  • 20€ of your registration fee will be donated to an institution that promotes wellbeing.
  • And everything else that will flow into this experience…!

The investment

Our lives are shaped by our experiences. Investing in yourself, trust us, a retreat is one of the best gifts you can give yourself

Last spots 🙂

Private Double Room

Bringing a friend? Stay in a private room with a private bathroom all to yourselves - single or double bed.
There are various accommodation options available, ranging from the main house with indoor bathrooms to bungalows nestled in the midst of nature with outdoor bathrooms.


Book on your own

Shared Room

A comfortable shared room that offer you a rejuvenating home away from home experience that awaits you!
The rooms are spacious, and we make sure you have some personal space by limiting occupancy to a maximum of 3 or 4 people in each room.

899€ 849€

Book on your own

Private Individual Room

An entire room with a private bathroom for yourself. Feel the bliss of a comfy and delightful room close to nature.
There are different types of rooms available, from the treehouse and teepee tent to bungalows and rooms in the main house.
Settle in, and rest.


Book on your own

Private Individual Room & Shared Bathroom

Experience the comfort of a cozy private room with a shared bathroom, located next to another room.
These rooms are located in the main house and offer either a double bed or a queen-sized bed.


20€ of your registration fee will be donated to an institution that promotes wellbeing.

A retreat is not - and will never be - a magic potion for happiness. This one however, promises to be an eye-opening step in your wellbeing journey of growth towards a PEACEFUL life.

Looking for a place to rest, grow and have fun during your summer holiday? This is it!

If you are interested in joining the retreat or offering it to someone else as a gift voucher, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you soon.

Please check if you got a confirmation email that your message was sent. If not, please contact us directly at
Looking forward to talking to you!


Please let us know if you do not find what you are looking for.
Our team is here to help you.

Payment plan:

  • Your spot will be confirmed after payment of a 200€ deposit 
  • The remaining amount is to be settled until one month after the deposit has been paid
  • We can adjust the payment plan according to your needs. If needed, we can divide the payment into 3 or more installments. Please contact us so we can discuss your options

Payment options

  • Bank transfer 
  • Online payment - Stripe
  • Mbway (Portuguese)

Rest assured, transportation won't stand in the way of your dream holiday retreat in Portugal. We're here to assist you every step of the way. Last year, 20 guests arrived safely from all over the world. Orada is one of Portugal's most popular retreat centers, nestled in green nature yet only 15 minutes away from the beach. Visitors come year round to enjoy this beautiful haven.

The nearest airports are Faro (1.5 hours away) and Lisbon (2.5 hours away). You have several transportation options available, including taxi and uber, organised transfers, car rental, or public transportation.

Prior to the start of the retreat, we will create a WhatsApp group with all participants to coordinate logistics and coordinate rides. Guests have found this incredibly helpful in the past, mostly to find people to share uber rides with.

 Below we leave you with some more detailed transportation options. In the meantime, we are looking forward to meeting you all. Let’s make this a summer to remember!

What's your next step?

The first thing to do is to secure your spot in this epic summer retreat before it's all booked up. Don't miss out like many guests who no longer could secure a spot in our last retreat! Once you've secured your spot, go ahead and book your flight or other transportation. Let's embark on this journey together 🙂

Additional transport information:

From Lisbon:

  • You can take a Flixbus, which takes about 3 hours to reach Zambujeira do Mar. Prices range from €4 to €15 depending on the day and time you travel. Zambujeira do Mar is a beautiful town by the ocean, so this option gives you the chance to see this gem in the Portuguese coast. From here, you can take a taxi to Orada Retreat Centre which should be around 15 minutes.
  • Alternatively, you can take a Rede-Expressos Bus, which costs around €20 and takes approximately 3.5 hours to reach Sao Teotonio. From there, you can take a taxi to Orada Retreat Centre, which is about a 15-minute journey from the bus stop. Taxis are usually available outside the bus stop.

From Faro:

  • Easiest is to take a cab or uber / bolt
  • Another option is to take a train to Santa Clara-Sabóia. From there, you'll take a taxi directly to Orada Retreat Center. If you are taking this option, you should pre-book a taxi with us 3 days before your arrival

From both Lisbon and Faro airports, we can organize airport transfers for you. The price will depend on the number of retreaters wanting this option. Last year, guests found public transportation and sharing Ubers to be the most convenient solution, so there was no need to organize airport transfers.

Please be aware that transportation is not included in the retreat package. While we strive to offer accurate and current information, public transportation details such as schedules and prices are subject to change by transport providers. We recommend verifying these details directly with the relevant service providers, as we are not responsible for any inconvenience caused by changes made by them. Thank you for your understanding!

13th August: Room Check in from 15:00. The retreat is set to begin at 6 pm on Tuesday.

17h August: The retreat wraps up by 1 pm on Saturday, leaving you with a heart full of memories and a soul ready to flourish.

Don't worry! We will be sending a questionnaire to know more about you and your preferences so that we can provide you with alternatives. They are a great chefs that can adapt the meals

This is one of the most frequently asked questions we receive, and the answer is: 'Absolutely, yes!'

You are more than welcome to join us if you have never stepped on a yoga mat before, have never done a yoga class, have only just begun your practice, or even if you have been practicing for years and want to deepen your knowledge. Diana's classes are adapted to all levels.

Yes! You can either choose between relaxing or deep-tissue massage.

Please let us know before the retreat starts, so we can book in advance.

Note: Massages are not included in the myalfazema pack, but we can book you one. 

Please check our T&C to know all the details about the cancellation policy. By enrolling in a myalfazema retreat, you are automatically agreeing to the terms and conditions.

The first thing to do is to secure your spot in this epic summer retreat before it's all booked up. Don't miss out like many guests who no longer could secure a spot in our last retreat! Once you've secured your spot, go ahead and book your flight or other transportation. Let's embark on this journey together 🙂

These dates don't work for you, or are you looking for a different kind of retreat? We've got you covered 🙂

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