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A wellbeing journey

Your Holistic Retreat in Portugal

13 - 17 August | Summer Wellbeing Retreat | Yoga & Wabi-Sabi

Welcome to the community,
where precious people meet
to experience authentic, eye-opening retreats.

A bit about this journey...

We've already made a powerful impact on over 150 people in our 12 fully booked retreats. Many have joined us for multiple retreats!!! Wooooow.
Now, we want to call you to take action, to start or further develop your journey towards a more balanced life filled with inner peace and authenticity 🔮

Creating an exceptional wellbeing retreat is an Art. As we master at curating deep, holistic, authentic, fun, and transformative experiences, our community flourishes – just as you will. This is both our art and contribution to the world.
Our mission is rooted in creating a positive impact. By enhancing wellbeing, we empower you to find inner peace, and use your talents to contribute positively to the world.

Read to join the community?

“Happiness is not a fixed state but can be developed as we embrace our authenticity and learn flow in our lives. Happiness is certainly not a destination, and we need to change that idea for good to ensure the prosperity of humankind.” - Leonor, myalfazema founder


Your Restorative Sunny Journey
near the Ocean

Summer Wellbeing Retreat

Host Filipa

Chef Orada

13 - 17 August

Monte da Orada, Southwest, Portugal


What makes us special?

At myalfazema, every wellbeing retreat is a transformative, memorable experience, hosted by trusted experts who guide you throughout the journey. We've refined our retreats over the years to ensure the highest quality and tailor them to meet your needs. Not only to deliver top-notch quality in accommodation, and cuisine, but also curated content guided by our expert partners that brings true practical value that you can bring home and implement long after the retreat ends.

We absolutely love holding space. Each details is curated with love. We take great care to ensure everyone feels at home and appreciated, creating an intimate environment through a united group, while catering for participants’ individual needs. And, of course, always with a strong sense of fun.

Moreover, there is a purpose behind everything we do. We believe you can be happier and contribute your best to society when you live calmly, confidently embracing who you are. With every myalfazema retreat, we want to provide you with some of the tools to help you achieve this. And that is why we do what we do.

Nurture Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Why a myalfazema retreat in Portugal

A wellbeing retreat is the opportunity to take a break from the demands of daily life to focus on self-care, self-discovery, fun and personal growth.

Switch from bad to good habits

We want to change our habits, but it can be difficult to make significant changes overnight. A retreat allows you to step back and reemerge to a routine of healthy habits,

Improve Personal Skills

Regularly retreating deepens self-awareness, increases resilience, tolerance and improves relationships.

Deepen your practice

An opportunity to deepen your practice, with dedicated time and guidance from experienced and wise teachers.

Meet Like-minded people

Our Partners are authentic, simple, inspiring and wise. They are trusted experts, but they are also people like us who are on their own conscious journey of self-awareness and discovery.

Boost your mental health And Fullfilment

During a retreat, you will do scientifically supported practices that may reduce anxiety and depression, promote inner peace, and improve overall mental health.

Reduce stress

This is an opportunity to escape from the demands of your daily life, unplug from the outside world, lay back and be looked after.

Explore new places

Our retreats are held in different beautiful and inspiring locations so you can explore new places, energies and cultures.

Make an impact on society

When you take good care of yourself, you will be more available and willing to take care of others and have an impact in society. Also, 10€ of your fee are donated to an institution that promotes wellbeing.

The myalfazema experience

A retreat is not - and will never be - a magic potion for happiness. It can, however, be an eye-opening experience and one big step in your journey of growth towards a conscious life.

A part of the Journey

Each retreat is designed to be a deep, touching experience that is in itself a journey – a journey within a larger journey of wellbeing.


We are curious when we first get to a myalfazema retreat, with an open mind to live this new experience. Each one of us has a different purpose or motivation – something we would like to focus on, develop or simply reflect upon.


Once disconnected from the outside world, we are focused on the experience we are living – enjoying every moment, every learning and small conversation, the delicious meals, the different workshops and the surrounding nature.


We leave with a new energy, ready to continue our personal journey at home, ready to fit it into our busy routines. We now have some more tools to keep embracing ourselves in every step of the way.
What we learn in a wellbeing retreat, stays with us for life.

“The longest journey begins with a single step.”
- Patanjali, the Father of Yoga

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