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New Year's Wellbeing Retreat

The 12th myalfazema edition

The Inner Recharge Holistic Retreat

A different kind of holiday.
A healthier one

Embark on a journey like no other, a journey where yoga, sound, breathe, dance, and nutrition meet to awaken and connect your mind, body, and soul.

Our vision is that this retreat is a deep experience to (re)connect, recharge, and where you will set the stage for a year of growth, freedom, and connection guided by trusted authentic professionals. Not the cliché 'new year, new me,' but rather a genuine, peaceful and positive approach.

Can you imagine yourself spending the first days of the year recharging by the ocean? Say "adeus" to the hustle and bustle and let this retreat be your heavenly hideaway. Being surrounded by the sea and green trees can be incredibly calming and restorative. Even more so, when everything is taken care of for you!

It's not just an experience, it's an inner transformation.

Our retreat will be hosted at Quinta dos Raposeiros, a premium magical (perfect!!) retreat center in Ericeira, Portugal. Only a few minutes from the most beautiful beaches, surrounded by epic hiking trails, and just 40 minutes from Lisbon airport.

5 - 8 January

Yoga Host Claudia

Nutrition Guest Paulina

Chef Plant-Based Alina

Quinta Raposeiros, Ericeira, Portugal

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We invite you to acknowledge the three temporal dimensions:

• Past: Embrace and be grateful for the year that has passed, acknowledging both its shadow and light. And then, Let it Go.
• Present: Experience PEACE, REST, FUN, go to the beach, nourish ourselves with delicious plant-based food, connect with precious people - maybe an ayurvedic massage?
• Future: A retreat is an investment in yourself. What you feel and learn here stays with you forever. That's why we'll learn practical tools for a balanced, connected life, exploring nutrition, sound, dance, meditation, yoga asana & nidra, and envisioning a fresh, positive year ahead.

By understanding and harmonizing these dimensions, you will embark on a profound journey of self-awareness and empowerment.

Are you ready for YOUR wild wellbeing ride?
Here's your chance!!

A holistic retreat in Portugal to kick off the new year with an empowered & peaceful mind. But hold on, this isn't one of those cliché "new year, new me," or "let's make this year the year”.

Absolutely not! Actually, we don't believe in that. Radical changes might bring you short-term euphoria, but they aren't sustainable for long-term contentment or fulfillment - there are many scientific papers about this, btw!

The Program

During this holiday, you will rest, have fun, eat delicious plant-based food, meet like-minded people, calm your mind & body, learn new tools to sustain your goals throughout 2024.

Yoga Classes​

Suitable for all levels! You can count on some structured yet gracious VInyasa inspired classes. Each class is a creative journey that connects us in a deeper level.

Masterclass | Sadhana

Sadhana is the path to get to our goal - our practice. We will explore tools to get to our objectives, maintain our commitment, and consistency in 2024.

Surprise Night

Embark on a Journey of Sound and explore different ancient wisdom teachings through voice, rituals & sacred texts. We won't reveal too many details to keep the element of surprise!

Plant-based Gastronomic Experience

Alina is not only a wellness chef and an innovative food designer but also the creative mind behind the Bowl & Soul brand. It's indeed an honor to bring Alina to Portugal, giving you the unique opportunity to experience her health-enriching seasonal recipes.

Dance Session

Empowers you on a journey of renewed self-improvement and awakening that encompasses the mind, body, and soul through free-movement.​

Get a massage & beach Time

A retreat just a few minutes from the ocean. We will walk to the beach, meditate and chill in the sand. There is also free time to get a massage (relax or deep-tissue).

Masterclass | Nutrition

Embark on a Journey of Nutritional Discovery, and learn about the art of body biohacking while understanding the practical meaning of a Personalised Diet to connect Mind, Body & Soul.

Guided Self-Practice

Learn how to develop your own Yoga practice to lay the foundations for a focused year of growth, freedom, and connection. Claudia will guide you! Just go with the flow 🙂

A typical myalfazema day

Meet for a cup of tea
Yoga Practice
Masterclass / Self-practice
Free time | Beach, Massage, Hiking, Nap...!
Yoga Practice
Night Reflections / Meditations

Please note that this retreat is not a substitute for medical or psychological advice, evaluation, or treatment.

The Retreat Center

Quinta dos Raposeiros, Ericeira

A magical venue just a few minutes from the ocean and surrounded by beautiful hikes in Ericeira. We will walk to the beach, meditate and chill in the sand. Both the rooms and the yoga shala have an ocean view.
This beautiful paradise is only 35 minutes away from Lisbon airport and 5 minutes from Ericeira, one of the most famous traditional Portuguese fishing villages.

myalfazema pack - What's included?

  • 3 nights, all inclusive, in premium Quinta dos Raposeiros
  • An immersive wellness gastronomic experience – 3 daily meals
  • Yoga & Meditation Classes | Twice a day
  • Nourishing Masterclass | Guided by Paulina
  • Sadhana Masterclass | Guided by Claudia
  • Self-practice | Guided by Claudia
  • Free-Soul Dance Session
  • Surprise Night!!! Sound Journey guided by Reachel
  • And everything else that will flow
  • 10€ of your fee are donated to promote wellbeing

The investment

A retreat is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

Book on your own

Shared Room

Comfortable shared room and bathroom. We ensure you have personal and cosy space.



Private Room for 2/3 people

Bring one person with you and get 50€ of discount! Exclusive room (double/single beds) and bathroom.

645€ 595€

Book on your own

Private Individual Room

An entire room with private bathroom for yourself. Get comfy in your own room, rest, and reset for the new year!


10€ of your registration fee will be donated to an institution that promotes wellbeing.

The Hosts


Claudia is a yoga & meditation teacher with her classes strongly rooted in powerful and creative sequencing; combining breath and movement to create space for solidification and transformation.

With over 15 years of experience as a physiotherapist and a background in gymnastics and dance, Claudia developed a deep passion for yoga philosophy over the years.

Her expertise, dedicated practice, and wisdom eventually earned her the role of the primary assistant in Manu's Teachers Training in 2022.

Claudia founded Shambhala, one of the most renowned studios in Lisbon, with the aim of establishing an authentic community and providing a space where everyone can be themselves and express their unique practices.

She discovered her teacher and a tribe that communicates in the same language, expressed in various ways, at the Manu School of Yoga. This was a transformative experience that helped her find her own voice.

Our aspiration is for you to further connect with your inner voice and feel empowered to live and share it confidently.

“Yoga is like music. The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul creates the symphony of life.”
- B.K.S. Iyengar

Alina wellness plant-based chef

Alina, a wellness chef and innovative food designer, is the mastermind behind the Bowl & Soul brand. Viewing food as not just nourishment but as a powerful tool for holistic wellness, she places emphasis on longevity, sustainability, and innovation when crafting her recipes.

Her mission is to ignite inspiration in others, encouraging them to embrace positive transformations in their lives and discover the healing power of food and holistic approaches.
Alina empowers individuals to unlock their fullest potential through thoughtful, health-enriching seasonal recipes,  all while fostering a deep respect for our planet.


We first met Paulina when she joined a myalfazema retreat. Her profound knowledge left us all curious and amazed as she shared her insights on nutrition and body biohacking during our time together at the retreat.

From that moment, we knew that a partnership with Paulina was a possibility. Her extensive expertise had to be shared within our community, and now, that moment has arrived. You'll now have the invaluable opportunity to learn from her.

Paulina is a functional medicine practitioner with a specialization in metabolic conditions, gastrointestinal dysfunctions, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and hormonal imbalances. Her diagnostic and treatment approach draws from various fields, including mitochondrial medicine, microbiology, biohacking, breathing and stress management techniques, longevity research, and integrative medicine.

In the Nourishing Masterclass, together with Paulina, we will explore the true and practical importance behind nutrition, uncovering the means to discover a personal diet that harmonizes our mind, body, and soul. We will even venture into the world of vegan nutrition.

Set the tone for a phenomenal 2024.
Join us on this perfect serene gateway

If you are interested in joining the retreat or offering it to someone else as a gift voucher, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you soon.

Please check if you got a confirmation email that your message was sent. If not, please contact us directly at
Looking forward to meet you!


Let us know if you do not find what you are looking for.
Our team is here to help you 🙂

  • Payment plan:
    • Your spot will be confirmed after payment of a 200€ deposit 
    • The remaining amount is to be settled until one month after the deposit has been paid
    • We can adjust the payment plan according to your needs. Please contact us so we can discuss your options
  • Payment options
    • Bank transfer 
    • Mbway (Portuguese)

Lisbon Airport is conveniently located just a 35-minute drive from the venue, and you have multiple transportation options at your disposal. Uber and Bolt services are readily available in Lisbon, and public transportation is also accessible. Additionally, prior to the retreat, we will create a WhatsApp group to facilitate ride-sharing among our guests.

5th of January: Room Check in from 15:00

8th of January: Room Check out at 15:00

—> The retreat officially starts at 18:00 with the mysalutation session.

—> If you arrive earlier you can drop off your stuff and spend some time at the guest house, go down to the beach or visit the nearby village of Ericeira.

Don't worry!  Please let us know if you have any food allergies or restrictions at the time of booking (gluten free, etc). Our chefs are a great chef that can adapt the meals.

Yes! You can either choose between relaxing or deep-tissue massage.

Please let us know before the retreat starts, so we can book in advance with Tomé.

Note: Massages are not included in the myalfazema pack, but we can book you one. 

Consciousness can be defined as the state of being aware of and able to perceive one's surroundings, thoughts, feelings, and sensations. It is the quality or state of being conscious, which is characterised by subjective experiences and self-awareness.

Consciousness is a complex and multifaceted concept that has been studied and debated by philosophers, psychologists, and neuroscientists for centuries. 

In spiritual and metaphysical contexts, consciousness can also refer to a higher state of awareness or enlightenment that transcends the limits of individual identity and ego. This can involve a deep sense of connection to the universe, a heightened intuition and sensitivity, and a profound understanding of the nature of reality.

Please check our T&C to know all the details about the cancellation policy. By enrolling in a myalfazema retreat, you are automatically agreeing to the terms and conditions.

The average daily maximum temperature in Ericeira during winter is around 16°C, with an average daily minimum of 9°C. We've previously hosted four retreats in Ericeira during the winter season and experienced good weather. While there was one day of rain, it also provided an opportunity for our guests to stay indoors and appreciate the fantastic venue's comfort. 

Winter in Ericeira can be truly pleasing. There is a high chance we'll enjoy sunny days, clear skies, and pristine waves.

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