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How do Psychology and Spirituality come together?

Psychology helps you understand yourself better and become more self-aware. It gives you insights into who you are and how you see yourself and the world. On the other hand, spirituality focuses on going beyond our usual way of thinking about ourselves. It's about reaching a higher level of understanding and connection with something greater than ourselves, called self-transcendence.

But to transcend something, one must be aware that it actually exists. To experience self-transcendence you must first recognise those aspects of the self that are going to be transcended. We're talking about moving beyond what we already know about ourselves. This is where psychology and spirituality come together.

In simpler terms, psychology helps us become aware of ourselves, while spirituality helps us go beyond our usual way of thinking. Psychology helps us understand our minds, while spirituality guides us to connect with something bigger than ourselves. They work together to help us grow and become more aware of ourselves. This meeting point of psychology and spirituality can sometimes bring up challenges, but it's also where we can experience deeper self-awareness and growth.

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