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Paula's Story

I'm a teacher, a mother, and a woman..... I live at a rhythm called "non-life" because of the speed at which time passes. On a day that I was reaching my limit, the myalfazema retreat advertisement appeared on Facebook, and I thought it was a sign...

I have to stop, rethink, and focus on what matters; that's it! Without thinking twice, I signed up! Without any previous knowledge about Yoga, having never done a yoga practice before, I spent an idyllic weekend at AtAlcacer.

A weekend that served to relax, where. I was received by the best hostesses, where Filipa introduced me to true Yoga, and Chef Pipa introduced me and taught me how to cook delicious healthy dishes, where I was lucky to have a wonderful group with space to share, laugh, cry, slow down! Much better than I expected!

Thank you, Leonor, Thank you, Alexandra, and Thank you all!

If you have any doubts about trying it out, don't hesitate!

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