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Is now the right moment to join a retreat?
How to know?

What is your heart telling you?

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and listen.🔮

Dear YOU,

Are you wondering if it's the right time for a retreat? Or do you already feel it's calling you, but something's holding you back? We totally get it! Many people face the same questions. Let's explore this together.

We are here to guide you. Reach out, and together, we'll address any questions or concerns you may have. Your journey is our priority!

“myalfazema retreat was just the perfect escape.”
- Madalena

Why join a wellness retreat in Portugal?

Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by everything around you? If you find yourself reacting impulsively to external stimuli, and constantly moody a retreat can help you understand what is triggering you, and regain a sense of balance.

Have you been thinking about making positive changes in your life? Whether it's adopting healthier eating habits, incorporating more exercise, being more at peace, sleeping better or establishing a better morning routine.

Are you looking for something more in life? To meet new people, engage in meaningful conversations, and discover different and new life perspectives?

Looking to treat your body with care? To be gentle with yourself?

Eager to leave behind that perfectionist obsession?

Looking to have fun?

Looking for a healthier kind of holiday?

Are you feeling that it's the right moment for a retreat but apprehensive about leaving your home and friends behind? Worried about missing out on events? We completely understand your concerns. In reality, these courageous steps are the ones that truly transform our lives.

Please take advantage of the early bird price!! Also, if you bring someone with you, you both get 150€ discount 🔛

Early bird discount

Yoga Retreat

Yoga host Claúdia

Chef Liliana

4 - 7 May

Ericeira, Portugal


Be inspired, know everything first-hand and get exclusive deals.

Embracing who we are, living in the flow.​